Love More, Earn More

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Several years ago, while I was emerging myself deep into a career in the financial services industry, I had a breakthrough that sent shivers throughout my body.   Seriously, my entire body trembled because that is how powerful it was when I “woke up” to the truth.   It was about love – that’s right, love!

Keep in mind, for someone like myself, who had a primarily analytical mindset (due to the type of work I did) to completely alter the way I viewed the cause of success uprooted everything about the way I was trained to think about success.

You see, while I was helping my clients invest money and save tax dollars I suddenly realized exactly why my clients were so loyal and kept coming back to me.  Yes, I did my job quite well and with great results. Yet, the truth was that it was not the dollars that created those long-lasting relationships, it was the relationships that were creating more dollars. 

Why?  The reason was the “love” I showed.  I cared about my clients (and their money success) so much that it formed a trusted bond that translated into money in the bank.  However, it doesn’t stop there.   The real epiphany was when I was looking for success in any area of my personal or business life, the love component was the driving force that produced results.

There are many ways to show love. Caring, empathy, compassion, and doing the right thing are all forms of love that draw people to us.  When we focus on those “loving” attitudes and interactions, only good things can happen.   Love forces away the negativity (in ourselves and others) and allows for lives full of happiness and abundance.

An example of how this works is to consider any prospect or customer we have.   When we take the time to think about them and their needs, ask the right questions, then actually listen to their responses, they feel how much we really care about them.  That caring (love) is so appreciated that our clients/customers see us as the experts and trusted resources to solve their problems.  It’s really simple if you think about it.  For business purposes, that means they buy more from us.  For personal relationship building, it means we are a valued friend and confidant.  We are someone to be trusted simply because we acted in loving ways by valuing a person enough to ask, listen and act as needed.

The bottom line is that we are not “in competition” with anyone else’s life or work.  When we stop placing the priority on the numbers and learn to love more, the end result is earning more.  Yes, it works!  We are here to share our gifts and talents with each other so we can all grow.  Trust your heart-centered instincts in your work, business, and personal life.  Sharing the loving interactions is the quickest and surest way to happiness, success, and more money in your bank account!

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My Confession of Insecurity and Fear – You Are Not Alone!

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I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine!  I had a good night’s sleep…ready for the day…lots of business flowing to me.  Then suddenly a few little tears rolled down my cheeks.  I wanted to run and hide but there was no place to go.  Life is good…why was I feeling this way? What in the world was going on?  I needed to get myself out of this scary place (that was only in my head) and I needed to do it fast!

Then came the “ah ha” breakthrough moment!

My confession:  I was afraid.   It dawned on me that I was simply feeling insecure.  To be more specific, I was afraid of succeeding in a way that I only dreamed of before!  You see, I’m working on a major transition in my life and it’s something I have wanted for many, many years but have only taken baby steps to accomplish.  Now, it can be real…and that scared me.

Someone once told me that, when it comes to this particular dream, I “dip my toes in the water” to see how it feels.  They also said that what I need to do is jump right in and THAT was the only way I can have what I REALLY want!  I need to jump in full force, body and soul, with a firm and unwavering commitment to my dream!

Can you relate to this?

Guess what?  This is the same advice I give to my clients on a daily basis.   Why do I give that advice?  It’s because it has worked for me for the past 30 years.  Those who know me well, know that I “jump in” fully committed and get things done!   That is, except for this one particular dream…which happens to be what I want the most.

What will happen in my life when I get exactly what I want?  What would happen in your life if YOU get exactly what you want?   What is holding you back from jumping fully toward your dream?

“Most people are very good at the ‘dream’ part of success.”

What I know for sure, over the past 30 years of helping individuals and business owners succeed, is that most people are very good at the “dream” part of success.

What they are not so great at is the “commitment” to doing what it takes to make that dream a reality.  They are not good at implementing the advice they receive, they are not consistent, and they are not committed for the long-term.  What most people do is “dip their toes” and run away at the first setback.  Or, they dip their toes and then get distracted by something that is comfortable and not so scary.  Unfortunately, those dreams are then set aside for another day; a day when they can comfortably dip their toes again.

I’m done dipping my toes!  I’m ready to take my own advice.  I’m ready to commit!

Are you ready?  Let’s jump!  

(I’ll even hold your hand along the way to let you know you are not alone!)

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