At one time or another, all businesses and sales professionals hit a stumbling block.  Karen Lawrence works with those businesses to rapidly move through those obstacles.  If you are facing a challenge in your business, struggle to get new clients, or are ready to move to the next level (but just don’t know where to start) reach out for help.  We’ll have a chat and collaborate on solutions to help you achieve your dream of business success!


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Latest News From the Blog

Love More, Earn More

Several years ago, while I was emerging myself deep into a career in the financial services industry, I had a breakthrough that sent shivers throughout my body.   Seriously, my entire body trembled because that is how powerful it was when

The 15 Minute Productivity Fix

One of the biggest challenges my clients share is that they don’t “have time” to get it all done.  My response is usually “How much time do you spend just thinking about what needs to be done…or doing unproductive busy

My Confession of Insecurity and Fear – You Are Not Alone!

I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine!  I had a good night’s sleep…ready for the day…lots of business flowing to me.  Then suddenly a few little tears rolled down my cheeks.  I wanted to run and hide but there

What Do Sticky Notes Have to Do with Success…or Struggle?

Let’s face it  – we are ALL influenced to some degree (either positively or negatively) by our environment, our interactions, and what we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.   Yes, ALL of us! Do you ever wonder why you have

A Quick Note on Providing Value

Do you run your business and your life in a manner that is consistently providing value?  When we provide services to our clients with a sincere desire to provide them with great value, we will be rewarded with referrals and consistent business growth. One of

The “Early Bird” Catches…More Money!

The “Early Bird” Catches…More Money! Why do some people have great success with networking and others say “it just didn’t work for me”? There are several ways to make networking successful and I will share some of those over the coming

The “Freebie” Trap

Are you the kind of person who loves to help others, yet forgets that your assistance has a value. Perhaps it’s because it feels so good just to be appreciated? Trust me, helping is great. But, getting paid for it is even